BJ’s Basketball Blues

This March, BJ’s wanted to be the place that people came to watch their college team beat the odds, and relish in the joy of winning March Madness… but it wasn’t as simple as that.

Projection Obscura

Projection Obscura is a personal project designed to shine a light on privacy, society and fashion in a world where wearable cameras, facial recognition and AI quietly threaten the safety of identity in public.

BJ’s EnLIGHTened Menu

BJ’s Brewhouse launched their new “better for you” EnLIGHTened menu, so we asked some vegetable averse youngsters for their opinions.

Qualcomm’s Invisible Museum

How does a brand that’s always out of sight, become top of mind? Every day Qualcomm’s inventions connect billions of people around the world, but how can we show them the power of these invisible innovations?

Sherwin Williams & HGTV

Sherwin Williams teamed up with HGTV Home to create designer Color Collections, to guarantee room-to-room harmony, removing the largest barrier to painting a home; picking the colors.


This project for FEMA was all about spreading one important message; make sure you know where to find your family in an emergency. Urging families to set meet-up points and start thinking about building a plan, the TV, print and radio elements came together after months and months of work from teams all over the world. Not too shabby for a pro-bono client with next-to-no money.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk have a plethora of research that says “Drinking chocolate milk in the recovery time after a workout helps you build lean muscle”, and they wanted everyone to believe it.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft’s underdog CRM system does a lot of complicated stuff, so you can do one simple thing, make customers happy.

Windows System Center

Designed to launch the System Center portion of Windows Server 2012, based on the idea of “Cloud At The Core”.

Levis Women’s Line

Levis came to Momentum looking for engaging ideas on how to launch a new womens’ line of jeans based around their above the line campaign; Go Forth.

Blended Play

A dolls house, where the physical characters control digital versions on a screen and the needs and emotions of the digital avatars effect the movements of the physical ones.