Levis Women’s Line

Levis came to Momentum looking for engaging ideas on how to launch a new womens’ line of jeans based around their above the line campaign; Go Forth.

By establishing and developing the emotional journey today’s female pioneers are embarking on, we put together a program designed around the idea “What will you achieve in your Levis?”


Playing on the brands values of achievement and longevity, we asked women to declare a pledge stating what they wanted to achieve in their Levis.


This could be as grand as “beat leukemia” or as subtle as “get back to school” – but these would then be embroidered inside the waistband of their new Levis, so every time they pulled on their jeans, they would be reminded of their pledge and motivated to go forth.


This was all accompanied by an on-going speaker series of inspiration female pioneers like Phoebe Philo and Annie Liebowitz talking about how they achieved their dreams and also making their own pledge, allowing Levis to continue their renowned creative partnerships.


An online community allowed pioneers to post their pledges and achievements.