Projection Obscura

Projection Obscura is a personal project designed to shine a light on privacy, society and fashion in a world where wearable cameras, facial recognition and AI quietly threaten the safety of identity in public.


The idea of cameras embedded into wearables such as Google Glass or Snapchats Specs, opens a door to a world where every person you walk past on the street could be (unknowingly) recording and tagging your presence. With those video feeds eventually being streamed and stored online, and facial recognition algorithms exponentially improving, that information combined with a timestamp and geotag basically means any sense of privacy would be in jeopardy.

So, as a talking point, I’m working with friends from the fashion, textiles and product design industries to create items that are designed to disrupt those algorithms.

The point of the project is less about creating something truly functional, and more about starting a conversation around technologies pervasive pace.

I designed these simple frames, with black circular features designed to be misinterpreted by recognition systems as the pupils of additional eyes.





These three textile designs were done by Rene De Lange – based in the UK.